Building FreeBSD from source on OS X?

Johan A. van Zanten johan at
Mon Dec 31 14:50:22 PST 2007


 Recently i acquired an intel-based Mac mini and would like to build
FreeBSD on it, but the mini needs to be (always) running OS X, because of
other duties (DVR) it has.

 Is it possible to build FreeBSD from source on OS X running on intel

I've tried the straight forward "make" in the source area, but it appears
that OS X's make is actually gnu make, and it doesn't like the FreeBSD
makefiles. I have the NetBSD pkgsrc system setup, and have a "bmake" which
gets a little further when trying to build /usr/src/usr/bin/make, but
still has some problems.

Before i go any further with this, i wanted to check and see if this is
even possible.

 Anyone know?


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