Low Level Language Suggestions: OT

Victor Subervi victorsubervi at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 10:32:56 PST 2007

Annoted :)

On 12/31/07, Robert Huff <roberthuff at rcn.com> wrote:
> Victor Subervi writes:
> >  Yeah, this is what happens when some ding-a-ling asks a wide open
> >  emotionally sensitive question on an issue he knows nothing about
> >  LOL. Do it all in C? Interesting. Much easier, much more support
> >  from the community.  Will look into it. Is jquery installed
> >  server-side?
>        I do not now and have never used the program.  I have no idea
> how it works.
>        I know tanslation professional who have used it, or who have
> evaluated it in compariso to thigs like Trados ad DejaVu.
>        If your project ever reaches beta, or if you're doing a re-write
> and want input on what features real users would kill for, look me
> up and I can put you in contact.
>                        Robert Huff

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