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DAve dave.list at
Mon Dec 31 06:17:27 PST 2007

Erik Cederstrand wrote:
> DAve wrote:
>> Good morning,
>> I am looking for a small install for an old laptop. I have an old but
>> quite reliable Toshiba 330CDT that used to be my personal laptop. I ran
>> FBSD 3.x/4.x on it for years but it has been wiped and in a closet for
>> years. I want to use it again just to access a few web forums and read
>> my email. I don't do POV RAY or 3D, I don't need Open Office, I don't
>> watch any Tubes. Mutt, Fluxbox and a minimal browser would make me happy.
>> I don't have the time or inclination to roll my own again. PCBSD can't
>> finish the install due to only having 96mb of memory. Desktop BSD wants
>> more than 4gb of drive space just to complete the install.
>> I currently have 98SE on it only consuming 300mb and it runs fine, but
>> it's 98SE ;^) Does anyone know of anything ready to install? BSD, Linux,
>> I don't care.
> You could try Damn Small Linux. The main problem with using old laptops
> is finding a browser that doesn't hog memory. The only on I've found
> (apart from Lynx) is Dillo, but it doesn't support CSS.

Yep, Dillo fails on most of the web forums I want to read. As I
responded to another reply, I am a ASCII kinda guy in a Multimedia world.

> Another option if you really want FreeBSD is to search the FTP archives
> for a FreeBSD 3/4 install CD and go from there. They'll have the
> packages ready to install. Just beware of the security implications of
> using old releases.

I still have a full four disk set of FreeBSD 3.2 ;^) Security
implications! Ha! A bit of tuning here, a firewall there, kill some
daemons off, I wouldn't worry. Safer than Windows.

I spent (wasted IMO) the better part of 8 hours this weekend installing
FreeBSD and Slackware on the laptop with disappointing results. X was
incredibly slow with all browsers, my pcmcia card isn't working, my
wireless card is unsupported. But....

I work from home, I have VMWare on my work laptop, I installed PCBSD in
VMWare. I was downloading mail and reading a forum in under 15 minutes.
I am happy. I will keep an eye out for a cheap/used replacement laptop
for personal use.

Thanks everyone who responded, and have a happy New Year.


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