Is it possible to mount OpenBSD FFS partitions in FreeBSD?

Seth Brundle cdanza335 at
Mon Dec 31 02:45:57 PST 2007

Hi list,

I'm in the mid of migrating my workstation from OpenBSD/amd64 to
FreeBSD/amd64. I have three hard discs installed in it (two identical
250GByte SATA300, and one 500GByte SATA300 drive).

When still running OpenBSD, I copied all data I want to transfer to the
500GByte drive; I plan to run the two 250GByte HDs as RAID1 when running

Prior to installing FreeBSD on this machine, I grabbed the 500GByte HD (with
one single OpenBSD FFS partition on it, 'wd2a' in OpenBSD speak) and tried
to mount it on a FreeBSD machine.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work, but I'm pretty sure it should. I probably
don't use the right parameter:

# mount /dev/ad8s1a /mnt/
mount: /dev/ad8s1a : No such file or directory

(I thought that the first -- and only -- partition on OpenBSD would show up
as 'slice 1' on FreeBSD.)

Help greatly appreciated -- thank you!


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