Why aren't more secure download options offered?

abi at e-arroyo.net abi at e-arroyo.net
Sun Dec 30 21:33:47 PST 2007

Hello FreeBSD representative,

I am new to the FreeBSD community. In the past I have typically installed
a linux variant in my home systems, but recently decided to give FreeBSD a
try since I could not find a distribution that fit my needs.

I believe that fbsd is a good platform, but have found some areas that I'd
like to point out. They are both rooted in the idea of a secure file
transfer and file validation.

Why isn't checksum information provided for packages? These are found in
this directory:

I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere. These are for all of the
.tbz packages. The information is provided for every file except for
these. Also, instead of the ftp protocol, why don't you offer download
options like https? I am sure that many people are interested in such an

I have ordered a CD for the toolkit, and want to verify the checksums online.

Abiron Arroyo
abi at e-arroyo.net

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