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Jonathan Horne freebsd08 at
Sun Dec 30 20:06:45 PST 2007

On Sunday 30 December 2007 09:00:27 pm Darren Spruell wrote:
> There is the XDMCP option, which allows you to remotely connect to an
> X display manager for full, remote display sessions. This isn't
> regarded to be a secure solution by most people.
> If your remote system is a server, do you have a need for remote
> desktop access? If you have one or two X applications on the remote
> server, could you just get by with SSH X11 forwarding to access those
> applications from your management station's display?
> DS

well, the part i didnt mention before, was the method behind the madness.  its 
actually a jail-host, with 3 jails running. my intention, is to keep the 
latest of kde, gnome, and xfce built on each, and just remotely attach to (or 
forward) its x session from my main workstation.  i vision it basically 
working just like when i sit down to my workstation, and type 'startx'.

Jonathan Horne
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