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Jonathan Horne freebsd08 at
Sun Dec 30 18:45:25 PST 2007

On Thursday 27 December 2007 02:35:05 am Steve Franks wrote:
> Perhaps I misunderstand, but I use x11vnc on the 'server' and
> vncviewer or tightvnc on the 'client'.  There are several pages to
> google on tunneling it thru ssh, and it's much better with latency
> than sending x iteslf over ssh, I'm told.  If you start x11vnc with no
> options, it will export the current session/desktop, but there is a
> switch to have it spawn a new x session also.  All the other vnc ports
> only spawn new sessions, and I usually use it to help my wife fix
> problems when I'm away at the office ;)
> Best,
> Steve

well ultimately, im looking for something that i can operate a headless server 
with.  the server itself wouldnt be pre-logged into any x session (be it kde, 
gnome, xfce or whatever), so thats why im trying to get its x session into a 
window of my local desktop.

i need to read up on x11vnc, and if it would do that, then i would open to 
looking at that to fill my need.

Jonathan Horne
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