Michael Grant mg-fbsd3 at
Sun Dec 30 07:27:16 PST 2007

I installed healthd hoping it would show me the cpu temperatures and
fan speeds for my motherboard but it's reporting some crazy values
like fan speeds of -48C and fan speeds of 13000 rpms.

My motherboard is a SuperMicro X6DH3-G2 which does support this
feature.  There's a 6300ESB on the board which has an SMBus
controller, so I think that healthd should be started with the -S
option.  However, I don't know if healthd will work with my chipset.
It's not clear to me if the 6300ESB is the chipset or just the smbus
controller which talks to the chipset.

SuperMicro provides a windows utility which reads this data, so in
theory I should be able to read this data somehow.

If healthd isn't going to work here, perhaps I can just use smbmsg to
extract the data directly from the chipset?  Does anyone know how to
figure out which parameters to give smbmsg to do that?

And if not via smbmsg, is there some way to get this data?

Michael Grant

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