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Sat Dec 29 12:06:21 PST 2007

   Imagine having an exciting high-paying job as a model or selling agent
   for new magazine. Imagine having your photo taken for Vogue, your
   favorite magazine or top sellers companies. You can work online
   directly from your computer by sending us your picture and making the
   front page of magazine,company catalog, online advertisement page, and
   modeling for new wesbites with your picture on the home page.
   We are looking for models for models or selling agent for new
   magazine,both male and female. Models will need to have excellent
   skin, natural looking and good body figure(fat or thin). As a
   model,actress or actors you may have the opportunity to travel to
   beautiful locations, be pampered, attend events with celebrities
   everything sponsored and earn thousands of dollars a day. Modeling can
   also lead to many other fabulous opportunities.
   As a model your work may involve:
   ***Working directly from your computer at home .
   ***Editorial (magazine and newspaper) modeling .
   ***Print advertisements for bookseller companies.
   ***Catalog and brochures modeling for retail stores, custom salons or
   specialty stores.
   ***Salary Range: $5,000.00 - $50,000.00/ engagement.
   ***Salaries can be vary.
   ***Gender: Female / Male
   ***Age: from 18 to 36
   ***Ethnicity: Any -
   ***Hair Color: Any -
   ***Body Type: Any -
   As a Selling Agent your work may involve:
   ***Working directly from your computer at home .
   ***Selling magazine online through auction or classified sites.
   ***Receiving payment from buyers.
   ***Calling and staying in Contact with buyers.
   ***Gender: Female / Male
   ***Age: from 22 to 50
   ***Salary Range: Salary Range: $10,000.00 - $35,000.00/ per month
   ***Salaries can be vary.
   Education Some college degrees or coursework in Art, Drama, Dance, or
   Fashion Design is helpful.
   Experience none required but we need someone who enjoying modeling but
   experience are required for a Selling Agent in customer service
   Personal Characteristics/Skills photogenic and physically attractive
   and body measurements falling within certain industry standards;
   familiarity with different modeling techniques, formal fashion show
   procedures and the use of cosmetics; excellent fashion style; good
   people skills; self-discipline; a positive attitude for models.
   **** To apply as a Selling Agent or applying as a model, both male and
   female please send your CV/Resume to our email:
   vivamodels at

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