Photo organizer for FreeBSD?

Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at
Sat Dec 29 07:25:52 PST 2007

On 15:49:56 Dec 29, Laszlo Nagy wrote:
>  Hi,
> Can you tell me what kind of software should I use for organizing photos? 
> Here are my requirements:
> - should be able to handle many photos (right now we are using Picasa on 
> Ubuntu but for 100 000+ photos it is very slow and unstable)
> - should be able to save comments/annotations for the photos (I do not like 
> Picasa because it uses a special database for that. I would like to have 
> txt files saved in the same directory where the photos are, or something 
> similar.)

You can trivially do this with the convert command. Refer to my article.

> - should have a full text search feature (search for photos with given 
> keywords)

This can be easily done. I would guess there would be a third party tool
to do this.

> - should run on Windows and FreeBSD. (Actually, I would like to burn 
> self-starting DVDs, so a Python or Perl based GUI would be great)

I wonder if netpbm or ImageMagick is available in Cygwin or in some
other form in Windows. 

> Well, if there is a web server based solution, that is fine with me, I need 
> to burn photos to DVDs and be able to use them.
> Can you recommend something from the ports tree? Or should I write my own 
> program?

You can try this web based solution. I have never tried it, but
apparently it would do a lot of heavy-lifting for you.


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