ralink (DWL-G510) transmit power

franceschini_a at tiscali.it franceschini_a at tiscali.it
Sat Dec 29 07:13:14 PST 2007

Hi All,

	I've changed my old wireless board (Prism II InstantWave HR PCI card) with
	a new DWL-G510.

	The driver seems to recognize the card correctly but for some reasons it wouldn't

	After a while I came up with a "solution", the problem was in the range.

	It is extremely short!  6 meters at most in line of sight!

	I tried with a 15db gain antenna without success.. and I'm wondering if there's
	a way to increase the txpower of this card (I tried using ifconfig txpower)

	Can anyone suggest me a board/chipset with higher transmit power?

Thanks in advance.


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