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DAve dave.list at
Fri Dec 28 12:25:54 PST 2007

John Nielsen wrote:
> Is there a reason a standard installation of FreeBSD 4/6/7 won't work
> for you? Just do a minimal install of the OS from CD or network then
> install [parts of] X, fluxbox, and your other apps from ports or
> packages and away you go. You could weigh the benefits [possible memory
> savings] of compiling your own kernel against the time and disk space
> required, but you shouldn't ever have to build world or ports unless you
> feel so inclined, especially now that freebsd-update is part of the base
> system.

Time and effort. I barely use the internet personally and I didn't want
to spend the time to setup a new install, ports, kernel, etc. I do that
60 hours a week for a living, it ceased being fun for me a long time ago.

Darren Spruell wrote:
> Yes, there's plenty of options for very small Unix installs. Those
> you've tried have been the modern desktop-oriented distributions of
> FreeBSD and they of course don't shoot for the older class of systems.
> Unix has resisted bloat

It was the off chance I could install them and just not use the parts I
didn't need. I figured it was a long shot but it only took 30 minutes
during lunch to find out if they would work. All of my machines are
servers, web/radius/SQL/ftp/email/bacula/streaming/etc. I spend all day
in terminal sessions, my experience with X in the last 7 years is
minimal ;^)

I may just have to spend the time to do an install, install some ports,
configure X, configure the wireless card, and configure printing.

I appreciate the responses, thanks.


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