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Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Fri Dec 28 10:29:23 PST 2007

On Wednesday 26 December 2007 16:13:50 Peter Schuller wrote:
> Dovecot doesn't really care. You provide the method of obtaining the user
> list from the database, in the form of SQL statements (assuming they differ
> from defaults), and it's up to you to make sure this returns the
> appropriate information (so in other words, dovecot doesn't add users for
> you).
> I used to run a pg+dovecot+postfix, but have since moved away from it and I
> don't have the configs easily accessible to check out specifics. But
> googling, this should be useful in terms of providing a bunch of real-world
> configuration examples:

Thanks for this link.  I think it will be helpful, though at this point, I'm 

> > Also, with respect to the configuration file (dovecot.conf) why are there
> > so many passdb/userdb?  If I have passdb sql "turned on", should I "turn
> > off" all other passdb sections?  What is the significance of the userdb
> > static { } section in that file?  It appears that it is necessary for use
> > if using a single user to access several mailboxes (i.e. virtual users
> > which is what I want to implement).  Is this true?
> I can't answer each one of the above off hand, but things like uids is
> controlled by the user database that it sounds like you want to keep in
> PostgreSQL. This includes the ability to set the uid/gid, which you can
> have different for each user, the same, or some combination thereof, on a
> per-user basis. Your exact table design is up to you, as long as you can
> give dovecot the appropriate SQL statements for obtaining relevant
> information.

Ok, if I may run this by you, I've made a user id for this virtual mail stuff, 
the virtual mail user is "vmail."  Yes I know, very inventive.  The users 
home directory is /usr/home/vmail, but I'm thinking that what dovecot cares 
about is where mail is stored.  In this case, I'm pretty sure 
it's /var/mail/vmail.  

I've followed the instructions in and 
created the table as defined on this page.  If my understaning is correct, 
this field will contain the entry "/var/mail/vmail," correct?  Further, if 
I'm following, dovecot somehow delivers all mails to this virtual user and 
somehow categorizes them according to the virtual users?  Does this sound 

I wonder, sometimes attachments get large, if I'm anywhere near correct, I 
wonder if I should use a directory under /usr instead of /var?

> > If I'm understanding things correctly, the next, very important item, is
> > how do I setup new users and how would those users then manage things
> > like passwords, etc.?
> This is up to you. dovecot does not provide and user interfaces for
> managing accounts (that I am aware of). Typically a reason to have the user
> database in a relational database would be to enable the construction of
> such interfaces, or perhaps use of existing tools. But unless I am missing
> something, user management is beyond the scope of what dovecot itself is
> providing.

Ok, that makes it simpler though some additional work for me coming up with an 
easy way to add people to the list.

Thanks for all the help.


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