Small Unix install

DAve dave.list at
Fri Dec 28 09:54:25 PST 2007

Good morning,

I am looking for a small install for an old laptop. I have an old but
quite reliable Toshiba 330CDT that used to be my personal laptop. I ran
FBSD 3.x/4.x on it for years but it has been wiped and in a closet for
years. I want to use it again just to access a few web forums and read
my email. I don't do POV RAY or 3D, I don't need Open Office, I don't
watch any Tubes. Mutt, Fluxbox and a minimal browser would make me happy.

I don't have the time or inclination to roll my own again. PCBSD can't
finish the install due to only having 96mb of memory. Desktop BSD wants
more than 4gb of drive space just to complete the install.

I currently have 98SE on it only consuming 300mb and it runs fine, but
it's 98SE ;^) Does anyone know of anything ready to install? BSD, Linux,
I don't care.


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