Logitech keyboard/mouse?

Daniel Bye freebsd-questions at slightlystrange.org
Thu Dec 27 11:50:29 PST 2007

On Thu, Dec 27, 2007 at 02:30:32PM -0500, Robert Huff wrote:
> Daniel Bye writes:
> >  > 	I have a Logitech i-Touch keyboard; standard 104 (or whatever
> >  > it is these days) setup plus a dozen extra buttons and two dials.
> >  > 	Great product.
> >  > 	It would be even greater if
> >  > 	a) I could get X to register/comunicate all the extra stuff
> >
> >  > 	Has anyone seen this done?  I'd dearly loce to be able to use
> >  > the little dial by the TAB key for volume control in xmms.
> >  
> >  To find out what keycodes your extra keys are bound to, run
> >  xev(1) from an Xterm or similar. With your mouse pointer over the
> >  little window that pops up, hit each extra key you are interested
> >  in and make a note of its keycode value.
> 	We can stop right here: nothing gets reported.

Absolutely nothing? Hmm. Never seen that before... 

A few minutes' googling suggests that you might get on better with
a different keyboard model in your xorg.conf. What's it currently
set to? Mine is 

Option "XkbModel" "pc101"

Try looking for your keyboard in /usr/local/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst
and try the model name in the first column.

Apart from that, I have no idea, sorry.


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