syslog-ng not logging

Peter Boosten peter at
Thu Dec 27 08:40:54 PST 2007

Quoting Jeffrey Goldberg <jeffrey at>:

> Is there any reason not to simply do a
>  cd /var/log
>  chown -R daemon .

I think (but I'm not sure) that permissions will be reversed by mtree.

> also
>  chown daemon /dev/console

Won't work either. *if* you're going to do that you should alter  

> for console logging.
> Will log rotation preserve daemon ownership?

Never used the *traditional* log style with syslog-ng, I stored  
everything per day/month/year/server.

I ended up running syslog-ng as root, which is probably a bad idea as  
well, so I cannot give you any advice on this one.


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