PV entries

Daniel Gerzo danger at FreeBSD.org
Wed Dec 26 16:57:29 PST 2007

Hello questions,

  I'm getting these messages on my FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 as well as on BETA4
  boxes (I haven't noticed it in the past):

  Dec 27 01:18:49 web1 kernel: Approaching the limit on PV entries, consider increasing either the vm.pmap.shpgperproc or the vm.pmap.pv_entry_max sysctl.

  I  would like to ask, what are these PV entries, in order to be able
  to tweak these numbers accordingly.

  Just for the record, following numbers are set (should be defaults):

  vm.pmap.shpgperproc: 200
  vm.pmap.pv_entry_max: 3254323


Best regards,
 Daniel                          mailto:danger at FreeBSD.org

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