dovecot questions

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Wed Dec 26 14:34:27 PST 2007


I'm trying to install and configure Dovecot.  Thanks to the efforts of the 
port maintainer for Dovecot, installation was mindless.  However, 
configuration isn't quite so simple.  There were several in this list that 
suggested the use of Dovecot when I inquired for suggestions as to a good 
POP/IMAP server.

So, I'm hoping that these same folks can offer help in getting me running.  
The WIKI for Dovecot is helpful, but seems to assume much in terms of what 
the reader will understand.  How do I add users to the system?  If I've done 
my work correctly, I've setup my Dovecot system to store virtual users in a 
PostgreSQL database.  However, how do I add users?

Also, with respect to the configuration file (dovecot.conf) why are there so 
many passdb/userdb?  If I have passdb sql "turned on", should I "turn off" 
all other passdb sections?  What is the significance of the userdb static { } 
section in that file?  It appears that it is necessary for use if using a 
single user to access several mailboxes (i.e. virtual users which is what I 
want to implement).  Is this true?

If I'm understanding things correctly, the next, very important item, is how 
do I setup new users and how would those users then manage things like 
passwords, etc.?


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