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Chris Glavin tutors at
Wed Dec 26 09:30:44 PST 2007

My name is Chris Glavin and I am the editor/owner of K12 Academics. I want 
to make this email as personal as possible to your business. I want to offer 
you a profile listing detailing your business to potential new students and 
their parents who frequent our website in our Support Services Directory.

I understand that all money towards advertising must go to businesses who 
can produce results, and I want you to know K12 Academics has proven to 
produce referrals for other businesses. I hope that you will give me five 
minutes to read this email in hopes that you will register your business. I 
have made it a point to directly contact you and create an email proposal 
that is both professional and does not appear to seem like a generic email.

The directory features Tutors, Educational Consultants, College Consultants, 
College Admission Consultants, Independent College Consultants, College 
Admissions Counseling, Learning & Developmental Disability Agencies, SAT 
Learning Center, SAT Tutors, Education Advisors & Advocates, Psychologists, 
Speech-Language Pathologists, Educational Diagnosticians, Occupational 
Therapists, Psychiatrists and Pediatric Neurologists in the U.S

To avoid being considered spam I will not mention the pricing for profile 
listing. To see how much they are visit the directory below

To register, visit the link below. Once registration is complete you will 
receive an automatic email with payment details. Once payment has been 
received your profile will appear in the directory within 24 hours

We have a very sophisticated form of marketing for each business. Here is 
how we promote your listing
1) For your listing we include very specific keywords in the source code of 
your profile which will attract search engine query's to pick up your 
2) We have a referral page for those who wish to be emailed when a listing 
appears in the directory according to what they are looking for (i.e. 
Speech-Language Pathologist in Connecticut).
3) Your email is included in (1) weekly site update newsletter. Currently we 
have over 4,000+ members registered
4) Your email is included in (1) Monthly site update newsletter to all 
Principals, Superintendents & PTA Chapters presidents in your state. This 
newsletter includes all profile listings which appear in the various 
directories on our website for their according state.
5) You receive quarterly traffic reports for your profile listing. We have 
individuals who have created specific user reports which they update daily. 
Know that we will have a specific file on your business to track user 

Here are some examples of listing, taken from those who have registered thus 
far this month:

What You Get When you Register!
* Complete Business Information
* Your Business logo in your listing
* 3-4 Action shots of your business
* Unlimited Service Listings
* Hyperlink directly to your website
* Direct link to your email address
* Unlimited Word Limit Business Text Description
* Professional Profile layout
* Direct Target audience (Parents, Students, Schools)
* Quarterly Traffic Reports for your profile listing

Benefits to Registering
* A guarantee of 80-100+ visitors per month (Over 1000 Unique Visitors per 
year to your profile). If you are a National Organization I guarantee 
500-1000+ visitors per month
* The Most Professional Business profile layout on the Internet
* We are the only directory to provide profile listings for Disability 
* Strong Reputation: We are a recognized resource for many State Department 
of Education Bureaus' and the Library of Congress
*Cheap Prices: We provide very cheap prices on the Internet and still 
provide high referral rates.
* K12 Academics caters to your exact audience (Students, Parents) while 
helping you expand your audience beyond traditional means of advertising.
* A large focus of our website is towards disabilities: ADD/HD, Angelman 
Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Blindness, Cerebral Palsy, C.D.D., 
Cluttering, Deafness, Downsyndrome, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, 
Dyspraxia, Mental Retardation, Rett Syndrome, Stuttering, Touretts Syndrome

Please let me know if you are interested in registering. I hope that you can 
trust in K12 Academics to help produce you results. We have established 
ourselves in 2006 as a very successful directory which produced results for 
all businesses who registered. In 2007 we plan to be the definitive 
directory for those who provide Support Services for the disabled. Together 
we can create a long-standing working relationship which will help produce 
results for both businesses.

If not interested email me with the headline "remove". By sending this you 
are telling me you never wish to register in this directory, and I will 
never contact your business again. I strictly adhere to the CAN-Spam Act of 

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