Problem setting up DNS

Unga unga888 at
Tue Dec 25 03:53:52 PST 2007

--- Sdävtaker <sdavtaker at> wrote:

> Hello, im using FBSD 6.2
> I got 2 domains registered in the local nic and I
> could get one working 
> but the second one doesnt :-/
> This is my first attemp to set up a real DNS, so im
> pretty sure i did 
> something wrong, i copy/pasted here all the info i
> think can be usefull, 
> i can add more data if necesary.
> BTW, sorry for my english, it is not my main
> language.
> Thanks for any help.
> Sdav

Hi Merry Christmas

This can be used as a guide:

You may need to adjust /etc/rc.d/named accordingly.


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