Realtek 8101E NIC and FreeBSD 4.11

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Sun Dec 23 19:27:19 PST 2007

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> Subject: Realtek 8101E NIC and FreeBSD 4.11
>   I guess all would be easy if I had used FreeBSD 5.x or 6.x, but 
> all nodes have to be 4.11 (comercial compiler on system for 
> FreeBSD 4.x) so its not like I can choose other verions :) NIC is 
> integrated Realtek 8101E (PCIEx).
>   No reply from Bill Paul or Yves...

I would suggest you budget some money to pay a driver developer
to back-port the NIC driver.  Even then your going to have a bit
of trouble finding someone to do it unless you are offering a lot
of money.

Unless you are doing this for some kind of mass-produced device,
it would likely be cheaper to just disable the NIC and use a supported


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