xclients and remote display (WAS: Re: freenx server)

User Ota ota at animenfo.com
Sat Dec 22 02:03:15 PST 2007

On Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 03:40:48AM -0600, Jack Barnett wrote:
>    Thanks, yea, but I don't think he's maintaining it any longer?
>    In ports it's version 1.4.x, but nomachine.com has latest version has
>    3.5.x
>    My friend emailed nomachine.com and he said they refused to support
>    any of the xBSD or offer any help on getting a working port for the
>    xBSD world.
>    I'm guessing that is the reason why it's so out of date and broken. :/
>    Are their any alternatives besides VNC?
>    We have that and it's working good (TightVNC tunneled though SSH), but
>    would like to just run one 'window' and have it displayed on our
>    workstation.
>    For example,  Run an xterm on FreeBSD server and have it displayed on
>    an XP or Linux workstation.

Not really, all I know of is FreeNX and VNC.

As for their refusal, is it out of pure ignorance that they don't wish 
to support BSD?  I thought they had at one time supported FreeBSD (the 
assumption is based on the fact that it exists in the ports tree).

Too bad, though.  I tested FreeNX on a debian install (unfortunately) 
and the client ran smooth on my windows machine, with the unfortunate 
exception that it has 0 dual-monitor support in fullscreen mode.

I found this though: http://www.deweyonline.com/nx/freebsd.html

Highly betting that the maintainer's page for this (if that is the 
maintainer) that first section looks promising.  The link works to 
download the 6.2-RELEASE version.  It's possible that might work with 
X.Org versions later than 7.1; I haven't personally tested it myself.

Btw, which FreeBSD release are you running?

Russell Doucette

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