amd64 native boot loader?

snowcrash+freebsd schneecrash+freebsd at
Fri Dec 21 16:13:30 PST 2007


i've FBSD/amd64 62Rp9 installed.  kernel & world are my own builds
from latest cvsup.

on boot I see:

    "FreeBSD/i386 bootstrap loader"

odd.  i'd expect a native loader ...

checking in,

  /usr/src/sys/boot  > ls
    Makefile  alpha/    arm/      efi/      forth/    ia64/     pc98/
    README    arc/      common/   ficl/     i386/     ofw/      powerpc/

other arches seem to be there ... just not amd64.

where's the src for the amd64?


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