hangs instead of reboots on HP s3220n

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Fri Dec 21 13:26:18 PST 2007

I have an HP s3220n which will boot just fine, but won't reboot.

I noticed this first with the OEM Vista that I played with for a bit  
before starting to install FreeBSD, but didn't pay much attention to  
it then.

Now when I do a

    shutdown -r now

I get a proper shutdown with the last line on the console saying


The power stays on, but the machine just hangs at that point.

I looked through BIOS settings and all that I found that was possibly  
meaningful was to reboot after power failure, which I've enabled.  But  
that doesn't help.

Although I think that the problem is well before the OS plays any  
role, the system is running 7.0 Beta 4.  This happened with the  
GENERIC amd64 kernel as well as with my custom one.

This machine will be tucked away in a closet and I don't want to hold  
the power switch to get it to reboot.

Any suggestions would be welcome.  And if I didn't provide enough  
information, just let me know what y'all need.



Jeffrey Goldberg                        http://www.goldmark.org/jeff/

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