Redirecting STDOUT

jhall at jhall at
Fri Dec 21 09:12:16 PST 2007

> At 08:49 AM 12/21/2007, jhall at wrote:
>>I am in the process of debugging a script and I would like to have the
>>output of stdout redirected to a file.
>>After reading about redirection on the Internet, I was under the
>>impression the following would redirect stdout to a file, but I cannot
>>seem to get it to work.
>>tar -cvzf root.tgz /root > /dev/null 2>/home/jay/tarlog
>>I'm sure it is something simple I am doing wrong, but I am not seeing it.
>>Thanks for your help.
> In your command line above you are redirecting stdout to /dev/null and
> stderr to your file.
> try:
> tar -cvzf root.tgz /root > /home/jay/tarlog 2>&1
When I run the above, I receive the following message.
Ambiguous output redirect.

Any suggestions?  What I found Googling on the message indicates I am
trying to write the output to multiple locations.

I am using the bourne shell.  I am using the right syntax?



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