/var growing too fast

zbigniew szalbot zbigniew at szalbot.homedns.org
Fri Dec 21 07:32:12 PST 2007


Robert Huff pisze:
> zbigniew szalbot writes:
> >  I thought I would ask your advice. I only have a 2 GB /var slice
> >  and space is shrinking fast.
> >
> >  It may be that something else is eating up available space but I
> >  am not sure how to measure it. Every day about 1% more of
> >  available space is taken.
> 	Start by running:
> 	du /var | sort -nr | head -n 50 | more
Great! Thank you. /var/mysql is the biggest. It kind of strange because 
I only have maybe 7MB worth of data on mysql database. I guess these all 
are necesseray files though. I did check on a different machine I have 
access to, mysql dir is even bigger.

Thank you Robert!

Zbigniew Szalbot

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