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Thu Dec 20 17:14:01 PST 2007

On Dec 20, 2007 4:20 PM, jekillen <jekillen at prodigy.net> wrote:

<mucho snippage>

> Thank you kindly for the info;

De nada - pass it along when you have the chance.

> I have been reading the handbook. I have it installed as html on my
> everyday work machine. Having a web server on localhost is great.
> It does cover portupgrade, portsnap, ports and all that but it was just
> the e-mails to root that had me confused. Does this also cover the
> setuid question also?

I don't remember, quite frankly. I just know that I get two emails
each day from each of my machines, take a quick look at them, and act
on them as appropriate.

> I also have the new Absolute FreeBSD, and the hard copy manual
> obtained through FreeBSD Mall.  I had a problem with e-mail messages
> to root some time ago that were showing up every 11 minutes. I look
> into crontab and found one script that was set to run every 11 minutes.
> I opened the script file and read the authors e-mail address and sent
> him an e-mail on the problem. He responded scolding me for putting
> commands in rc.conf. Sure enough, though I did not have explicit
> commands
> in it, I did have the syntax wrong. Who would have guess that a script
> dealing with entropy would complain because of problems with rc.conf?
> That is an example of question that might arise that could use some
> specific coverage in documentation.

Who would have guessed? Someone with more experience, or someone with
good documentation in hand who's read it. If the documentation is
lacking, I'll bet there are people who would appreciate your input.

I've absorbed my knowledge from so many sources (books, magazines,
lists like this one) over such a long period of time, that I can no
longer remember where I got any particular fact, in most cases. That's
not always a good thing.

BTW - If you're [contemplating] doing sysadmin work professionally,
I'd highly recommend the following books. The first two are
recommended even if you're doing this as a hobby. The Limoncelli book
I recommend especially highly to anyone in their early-to-middle
career as a sysadmin who wants a coherent way to look at the craft. I
have just ordered the 2nd edition, after reading the 1st a couple of





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