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- --On Thursday, December 20, 2007 14:57:41 +0200 Nikos Vassiliadis 
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> Mark, what do you need to virtualize and what your requirements are?

As mentioned in my original, we provide VPS hosting, so we're virtualizating 
the whole virtual machine ...

> I think the question about virtualization is far too broad.
> For example, you mentioned quotas. I think you can bypass storage
> control problems, using seperate devices for each client filesystem.
> Just create n vnode md(4) devices for your n jails. This has another
> advantage besides partitioning storage. Since UFS supports sparse
> files, only used blocks will occupy storage space, thus you don't
> have to preallocate all storage.

Again, as mentioned in the original, the problem isn't quotaing the whole VPS, 
the problem is software (in this case, plesk) that seems to have a requirement 
to set a hard quota *within* the VPS itself, which isn't supported, currently, 
by jails ...

In the past, for quotaing 'the whole VPS', I had tried the whole md(4) device 
idea, but found that insufficent inodes were being created for to do much, and 
no matter what I tried with newfs, couldn't seem to get more to be created, as 
if, due to the small size of the device, a 'max ratio' was being hit ... but, 
this was way back on 4.x when I tried that ...

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