Install doxygen on a non X11 machine

A.Rymkus rymkus at
Thu Dec 20 05:36:06 PST 2007

Hi, Christopher.

You wrote at 03.10.2007, 15:31:04:

CK> Hello,

CK> I'm trying to install doxygen on a non X11 machine from the ports 
CK> collection.

CK> I've added 'devel/doxygen*: WITHOUT_DOXYWIZARD=yes' to my ports.conf, 
CK> which is being recognised:

CK> # cd /usr/ports/devel/doxygen
CK> yes

CK>  From my reading of the doxygen Makefile, this should be enough to 
CK> prevent any of the graphical tools from being installed.  Nevertheless,
CK> whenever I run make, I'm presented with a configuration screen for qt.
CK> Can anyone advise?

CK> Regards,

CK> Chris
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You have to put "WITHOUT_X11=TRUE" line in your /etc/make.conf if you
want to make all of ports without X11 support, or you may use
something like that style with make:
env WITHOUT_X11="TRUE"; make

WBR, A.Rymkus

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