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Nuno Gonçalves wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to do a Bare Metal Recovery from a FreeBSD 6.0 system
> to a different Hardware.
> I have a backup from all partitions of the affected system so I am
> trying to install a minimum FreeBSD 6.0 in a different hardware
> which I already have up and running.
> I created a Swap Partition, a “/” partition where the minimum
> system is running, and a third partition “/backup” in which I will
> restore the backup through the network.
> Next step will be to change the boot manager and make it boot
> through “/backup”.
> Do you guys think this is doable?
> I Think I probably must recompile the kernel after the bare metal
> recovery because the hardware is different, still do you think it
> might work?

If you need to recompile the kernel then you will also have do a build
world and rebuild most of the ports.   Your better just backing up the
data from the old machine and building the new enviroment from scratch
then copy it across.   An other way is all the data to a spare disk
and then just put it in the new machine once it is all setup.  BTW
unless there is some extremely good reason why your sticking with 6.0
you should consider at 6.3
> What is your opinion on this? What should be the best approach ?
> Thanks for reading and
> Best regards
> Nuno
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