Intel 82566DM-2 support (was: no subject)

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Dec 19 07:07:26 PST 2007

Bin Cheng wrote:
> I installed freebsd 6.2 on my IBM desktop. Try to config network
> interface. There are no Ethernet card shows. Only have plip0, sl0 and
> ppp0 showing. The Onboard Ethernet interface card in my motherboard is
> Intel(r) 82566DM-2 Gigabit network. Could you let me know what kinds of
> problem is. Is FreeBSD support this card or not?

Have you tried adding:
			to /boot/loader.conf?

AFAIK, the card may be detected with the "em" driver, but it may
be that em(4) didn't support this card in 6.2.  I don't really 
know; it is/will be supported in 7.X.  For an overview, read 


Kevin Kinsey

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