Fw: Can I install Free BSD latest version on my laptop with dual boot?

Chad Perrin perrin at apotheon.com
Tue Dec 18 16:26:16 PST 2007

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 06:32:11PM +0000, manikandan.x.balachandran at jpmchase.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We would like to tune FreeBSD according to our business needs. Please 
> forward some documents for how to compile the Free BSD kernel and how we 
> can deploy our compiled version of Free BSD into a new machine.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and figure you just
haven't learned yet how to effectively find documentation.  These are
some documents that may be of use to you for tuning FreeBSD.

Kernel config:

System configuration files:
  man 8 config

General performance tuning:
  man 7 tuning

Security tuning:
  man 7 security

Security tuning for the X Window System:
  man 7 Xsecurity

Searching for FreeBSD docs on the web:
  Go to Google and add "freebsd handbook" to your search string, with
  quotes.  If that doesn't work, try "freebsd" (without quotes) instead.

Searching for information in manpages:
  Use either the "apropos" or "man -k" command, with a search term as an
  argument.  For instance, "apropos tuning" or "man -k tuning" would have
  led to the tuning(7) manpage.  When you find a manpage that is in the
  same general topic area, but you still want more information, check the
  "SEE ALSO" section of the manpage.  The "FILES" section is sometimes
  useful for finding more information, too -- and sometimes, the listed
  files have their own manpages.

Learning to research your own answers is a good idea for a whole lot of
reasons.  FreeBSD is one of the most well-documented OSes I've ever seen,
so perhaps your tendency to ask questions without bothering to try
looking up the information in standard documentation first is based on
experience with other, less well-documented OSes.  Once you become more
familiar with the quality and extensiveness of FreeBSD documentation, you
will surely find that some simple research is faster for most tasks than
any user community mailing list or telephone support line could ever be.

Hope that helps.

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