burning DVD's on a robotic burner. Running a central iso repository

Paul Hamilton paulh at bdug.org.au
Tue Dec 18 16:17:01 PST 2007


Just at the idea phase at the moment.  I have played with various command
line tests, but would like to make sure I am not re-inventing the wheel
before I progress further.  Therefore:

1.  Just wondering if anyone knows of a robotic DVD burner/printer that can
be integrated with FreeBSD.  Ideally I would like it to be able to run
'growisofs' and have it burn the DVD on the networked robotic CD/DVD burner.
The burner would have a built in CD/DVD printer.  I am thinking the software
package would have a web page to allow people to upload a graphic, and/or
just a CD/DVD text title, that would be printed onto the CD/DVD.  Having one
central burner would save me having to issue out DVD burners to multiple

2.  Conversely, I am looking into having a central DVD reader, that staff
would insert a DVD, type some meta-data into a webpage, and then click on
the convert button.  FreeBSD would then read the CD/DVD and create an iso
image of it.  The iso image would be placed into a repository, from where
they could be mounted as needed, and shared out via samba.  An email would
be sent out once the CD/DVD has been converted detailing how to access the
iso file.

This all becomes important when a site moves to using thin clients and
Terminal Servers.

Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.


Paul Hamilton
Busselton, 6280

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