common filesystem for Linux and FreeBSD

Girish Venkatachalam girishvenkatachalam at
Mon Dec 17 21:36:22 PST 2007

On 22:05:08 Dec 17, Chad Perrin wrote:
> Are you suggesting I put the filesystem on another machine and use NFS to
> make it available to both OSes on this machine?  I'm looking to have a
> filesystem on *this* machine that is available to both OSes, running one
> at a time.


I saw your question but couldn't think of a proper answer.

I generally shy away from any multiboot situation since I have few
machines with me. Even then I too have to multiboot once in a while.

Anyway coming back to the point.

If FFS2 and EXT3 are ruled out, then what is remaining? ;)


It is a tough choice indeed. Of course you could do a diskless boot off
an NFS and use that as file system for communication between the two

But for that you need another machine connected over LAN running NFS of

Sorry if my answer was irrelevant but this is the best I could do.



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