SSH through port forwarding

Bill Campbell freebsd at
Mon Dec 17 20:06:25 PST 2007

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007, Andrew Falanga wrote:
>I'm having a difficult time working with my father to get the port
>forwarding working on his Linksys router to forward SSH requests to his
>FreeBSD machine at home.  As near as we can figure, it's setup correctly.
>In case anyone here uses this router it is WRT54G and details (including a
>users manual) can be found at,
>Now, I'm in Idaho and he's in NY (which does make things difficult).  Is
>there any special tricks to setting up port forwarding for SSH?  Probably
>should have checked this first, but I'm going to go look on the handbook
>too, just to see.

It should Just Work(tm).  I don't have one of those handy, but
port forwarding is generally under the Advanced tab Linksys
routers.  It may be called Games or something like that.  Forward
port 22, ssh, to the internal IP and save the settings.

Generally one should have a fixed internal IP for forwarding as
DHCP assigned IP addresses may change.

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