pdksh vs. mksh info [was: Re: Apparently, csh programming is considered harmful.]

Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Mon Dec 17 12:35:00 PST 2007

Jurjen Middendorp wrote:
>>>   If you're familiar with pdksh, are you also familiar with ksh93, which
>>> is (I believe) Mr. Korn's own shell?  If you are, I would be interessted
>>>   in your opinion of the two, any comparisons you might give.
>> I've never used ksh93 so I really can't say.  There is a NOTES file
>> included with pdksh which gives a starter.  I created this port a few
>> years ago because of some random issue I've long since forgotten with
>> pdksh on my FreeBSD box which didn't happen on my OpenBSD box.
>> tom
> I never used pdksh, but am using ksh93 for quite a while now and have used
> bash, too. For some reason i like it better than bash, the vi mode is a bit
> better somehow, it feels alot sturdier. It doesn't have those special
> variables like $! and !! i believe, but it has alot of neat features like
> basic network programming, lots of parameter expansion stuff and is just a
> very nice shell :)

I havre installed it, and played with it a bit, I admit it's nicer than 
sh (and I *think*, bash) but the reason I haven't tried using it 
regularly is because I can't find a nicely set up .kshrc ... if you have 
one, I'd appreciate a copy.  Might be nice, if it's not terribly long, 
to post it to the list, too.

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