common filesystem for Linux and FreeBSD

Chad Perrin perrin at
Sun Dec 16 22:36:02 PST 2007

I'm planning a reinstall on my laptop from scratch (making sure I have an
up-to-date backup first, of course) as soon as there's a 7.0-RELEASE
available, in which I will reorganize the filesystem and set up a FreeBSD
and Linux dual-boot system.  While the bulk of my work will be done on
the FreeBSD side of things, some of my work (and, for that matter, some
of my play) requires that I keep other OSes around as well.

That being the case, there is some data I would like to keep available to
both FreeBSD and Linux systems, in stable read/write access with
reasonably high access performance for both (fast enough to achieve
decent frame rates, for instance).  This seems to rule out both ext3 and
UFS2.  What filesystem(s) meet(s) my needs in this case?

The shared filesystems will be nothing but data and configuration files,
likely mounted in /usr/home (on FreeBSD) and /home (on whatever Linux
distro I settle on -- probably Debian), so concerns about things like
bootability and binary compatibility aren't really at issue.  A Wine
directory will almost certainly need to be shared between the two,

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