Apparently, csh programming is considered harmful.

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Dec 16 16:39:18 PST 2007

Michael P. Soulier wrote:
> On 14/12/07 Giorgos Keramidas said:
>> Tcsh is a fine shell.  I'm using it all the time (that's how I found out
>> that a buglet reported by Kris Kennaway a few months ago was indeed a
>> bug which I could reproduce too).
> I always found csh/tcsh aliases annoying, since there are no shell functions.
> I also found the shell redirection awkward. 

There;s one item that is much more easily done in csh/tcsh than in the 
sh based ones .... that's redirecting the stderr along with the stdout. 
  with tcsh, when I do a make, I commonly do a:

make |& tee makeout

which causes both the stdout and stderr files to be redirected to the 
"makeout" make listing file.  I;'ve never figured out any reasonably 
simple way to do that in any sh-like shell.  Is there any simble way 
that you know of?

> It's ok otherwise, but I've since become addicted to bash. Mind you, I'm sure
> some tcsh users could point out some features that bash doesn't have. 
> Mike

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