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David M. Patronis thenudnik at gmail.com
Sun Dec 16 10:48:06 PST 2007

scurvy wrote:
> Hello!
> I want to use freeBSD vary much, but I have a problem with instalation (freeBSD 6.2-RELEASE). It goes very slow (30% after 2 hours). Moreover I don't know exactly which version (platform) I should use. For now I have used i386, but I have the Intel E6600 (64bit) processor on motherboard Asus Deluxe p5b, so I don't know if this version of release is good for this hardware.
> I'm waiting for a quick respond. Thanks for your help.
> Best wishes!
> Kuba Barski
> _______________________________________________

I am using a similar Core Duo processor with a Intel G33 chipset 
motherboard and ran into considerable difficulty installing 6.2. The 
64-bit BETA of version 7.0 installs without issue. I've yet to test a 
32-bit BSD with this particular PC.


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