Distributing directory over multiple discs ?

Tino Engel elrap at web.de
Sat Dec 15 11:35:09 PST 2007

Frank Staals schrieb:
> Since one of my discs is filling up rather quickly (Say disc A ) while 
> an other one stays quite empty (say disc B ) I would like to 
> distribute the content of a directory on disc A over both A and B. I 
> know I can simply move some of the files over to a sperate directory 
> on disc B but is is possible to somehow merge the 2 ? So for example 
> if I would do an ls in discA/dir I would also see the files that are 
> stored on discB/an/other/dir ? And off-course if this is possible how 
> can I acchieve something like that
> Regards,
I think on debian it used to be (or it is, dunno, I use freebsd now) 
possible to mount 2 filesystems on one mount point. the OS then took 
care of assigning the space. Well, I do not want to try it on my system 

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