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David J Brooks freysman at comcast.net
Fri Dec 14 22:33:00 PST 2007

On Thursday 13 December 2007 11:36:35 pm Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> If you bought and grokked the first book and have been using
> FreeBSD ever since, do you really need a book of any kind at
> this point?  Don't you have enough experience under your
> belt to get by without a book?
> The operating system books - be it FreeBSD, Linux or Windows,
> serve an important function of helping people go from zero to
> 60 in getting up and going with their operating system of
> choice.  But eventually you are going to outgrow them.  There
> are always lots more people at 0 so the authors of these
> books will never starve, but you need to eventually strike
> out on your own.

Well, to an extent, yes. My copy of The FreeBSD Corporate Networker's Guide 
came with discs for FreeBSD 4.2. I read it cover to cover at the time and 
found it very helpful. But now, even when it is largely obsolete, I still 
find myself referencing it from time to time. Though I'll admit, it resides 
on a shelf in the smallest room in the house, where it primarily serves as 
impromptu light reading material. ;)

This message has been foretold by Nostradamus.

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