FreeBSD Wacom driver

Bartosz Fabianowski bartosz at
Fri Dec 14 18:59:02 PST 2007

Currently, only serial tablets are officially supported under FreeBSD. 
However, I have written a driver for the Cintiq 21UX a couple of months 
ago and am slowly extending it to cover other models. If you are 
interested in testing the driver with your tablet, let me know:

* The exact tablet model you have (best send me the USB product ID that 
"usbdevs -v" spits out)

* The FreeBSD version you are running

* The platform you are running on

If you are not interested in testing an under-development driver, that's 
fine, of course, but may mean you'll have to wait longer until your 
tablet is supported. I have to rely on volunteers for testing as I only 
have access to two tablets myself.

- Bartosz

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