Changing "/var/mail" to a symlink

V.I.Victor idmc_vivr at
Fri Dec 14 11:57:14 PST 2007

Because of "/var" size considerations, I'd like to use a symlinked
"/usr" directory for email instead of "/var/mail".

Based on today's research, I think the following will work.

With mail delivery off, I 'su' and:

  mkdir  /usr/var.mail
  cd  /var
  cp  -p  mail/*  /usr/var.mail/
  mv  mail  mail.bak
  ln  -s  /usr/var.mail  mail

Since 'ls -l /var' shows:

  drwxrwxrwt  2 root mail  512 Dec 14 14:24 mail

I should then:

  cd  /usr
  chmod  1777  var.mail
  chown  root:mail  var.mail

No changes are made to the "/var/mail" symlink.

Then, if everything works, I just delete "/usr/mail.bak".

Does this seem OK?

Sorry to bother everyone with what's probably a trivial question, but
I *really* want to avoid screwing-up.  The machine is remote; accessed
via ssh.


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