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Thu Dec 13 20:44:58 PST 2007

On Thursday 13 December 2007, Satria Bramana said:
> Can anyone who had experience running a web-based e-mail give
> suggestion what package to use? I will only use it for study
> purpose, so I need one that easy to configure and help me
> understand the big picture about mailserver.. Thank you very much..

I'd suggest horde, our version of "webmail edition" is the default 
settings in horde-meta. It works nicely with any mailserver IMAP, or 
POP and is very easy to configure. It can authenticate from about 10 
different sources including dealing with LDAP, so it will work with 
just about any server situation I can think of. You can look it all 
over at http://www.horde.org, and almost all of the modules are 
available in the ports for easy install.


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