PF blocking even if set to pass all

Erik Osterholm freebsd-lists-erik at
Thu Dec 13 14:03:10 PST 2007

On Thu, Dec 13, 2007 at 09:19:03AM -0200, Alaor Barroso de Carvalho Neto wrote:
> Hi guyz, like I've said in other topic, I'm building a BSD box that'll act
> as a gateway between three private networks and the internet. I want that
> each private network can ping to each other, and I can do that till I
> activate my pf firewall. When I do pfctl -e it stop working.
> The output of pfctl -sr is:
> pass in all
> pass out all
> So I guess it would pass anything, why it isn't happening?
> Hugs,
> Alaor

You aren't doing any encapsulation or anything else unusual, are you?
Note that unless you specificy a protocol, pass rules will only match
tcp, udp, or icmp (or the v6 equivalents, I believe.)


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