cdrtools versions and hal

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Thu Dec 13 11:47:04 PST 2007

>I recently removed sysutils/cdrtools and installed cdrtools-devel 
>instead because cdrecord in cdrtools doesn't have prodvd included and 
>cdrtools-devel does (helped by a recent post from the author pointing 
>out that cdrecord from cdrtools is quite old).

FreeBSD uses an extremely outdated cdrtools vertsion for unknown reasons.

>Anyway, I just csupped my ports and ran portmanager -s which told me 
>that cdrtools-2.01_6 is missing and hal- is built with OLD 
>dependency: cdrtools-2.01_6. Can I make cdrtools-devel to be the 
>dependency of hal so that it will get rebuilt with it and make the 
>cdrtools missing message disappear? Will I break things if I do?

Is hald on FreeBSD working or has it the same conceptional bugs as on Linux?

Hald on Solaris is based on the old vold support code in the disk driver sd.c

Hald on Linux does it's own test unit ready and seems to do incorrect 
conclusions from state transitions. Linux in addition offers more than
one driver entry for the devices that are able to send conflicting simultaneous 

Hal in general is missing a concept for dealing with multi session writes.

On Solaris, it wait until the tray is opened again after an empty CD/DVD
has been inserted.

What is the state on FreeBSD?


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