cdrtools versions and hal

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at
Thu Dec 13 10:37:30 PST 2007


I recently removed sysutils/cdrtools and installed cdrtools-devel 
instead because cdrecord in cdrtools doesn't have prodvd included and 
cdrtools-devel does (helped by a recent post from the author pointing 
out that cdrecord from cdrtools is quite old).

Anyway, I just csupped my ports and ran portmanager -s which told me 
that cdrtools-2.01_6 is missing and hal- is built with OLD 
dependency: cdrtools-2.01_6. Can I make cdrtools-devel to be the 
dependency of hal so that it will get rebuilt with it and make the 
cdrtools missing message disappear? Will I break things if I do?

I realise that I can tell portmanager to ignore cdrtools but that 
doesn't seem like the proper solution.



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