NIC "crashes" on heavy compile or HD action!

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Thu Dec 13 10:33:33 PST 2007

Coen Watstaatervoor wrote:
> I'm running a Supermicro webserver with a fresh install op FreeBSD 6.2-P9.
> With these hardware specs:
> Supermicro Superserver 5014CT P4 SATA
> 1x Intel Pentium 631 3.0Ghz SKT775 FSB800 2MB
> 2x Kingston 512MB DDR2 667 PC5300
> 2x Seagate 80GB SATA
> 1x 3ware 8006-2LP SATA RAID
> When I try to install some add-ons, like PostgresSQL, the NIC seems to be
> "bugging". I get complete time-outs or pings around 3000ms. The network
> connection is up and running as is should but the server won't reply.

Ok, I'll bite.  YMMV.

Is there a console, or are you doing everything remotely?  From remote,
it's very hard to determine exactly what the issue is, I'd think.

Now, assuming it is the NIC, what NIC is it?  Is a dmesg available?

> There is no logging of any errors or problems and after the compile (or even
> a rm –rf /usr/ports) is finished the server is available again.

You mean that rm'ing a large directory structure hangs things up?

> Is there anyone who has seen this kind of behavior before? Are there any
> tools, monitoring options, available so I can maybe get closer to the cause
> of this problem?

Depending on what you already know, and what you suspect the problem is,
what about systat(1), top(1), ktrace(1), ptrace(1), iostat(8)?

Try and use the console if possible; if disk, CPU, etc. seem to be
OK, then suspect an issue with the NIC.

As I said, YMMV.  Good luck.

Kevin Kinsey

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