Suggestions please for what POP or IMAP servers to use

Andrew Falanga af300wsm at
Thu Dec 13 08:40:52 PST 2007

On Dec 13, 2007 9:27 AM, Monah Baki <mbaki at> wrote:

> I'll 3rd it too, been using it for 2 years, amazing.
> > Daniel Bye wrote:
> >>> with sendmail for the MTA, but I've not used any servers that will
> >>> allow for
> >>> POP and IMAP.  What in the ports would be good suggestions from those
> >>> here
> >>> who've used them?
> >>
> >> dovecot is excellent - easy setup, stable and reliable, provides IMAP
> >
> > I'll 2nd Dovecot.  Been running it for IMAP for 3 years or more. See
> > ports/mail/dovecot and

sounds like everyone is sold on dovecot.  Great!.  I've a few questions.  I
went and looked it up on and found the main web site.  Can
anyone explain to me what problems they have with mail clients attaching?
See .  This shows some interesting problems
and I'd like to know if everyone using dovecot sees these problems.

Second, how do programs like dovecot manage users?  Does each user of the
e-mail system need to be a user of the FreeBSD system (installed locally)?


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