(postfix) SPAM filter?

Sten Daniel Soersdal netslists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 17:40:55 PST 2007

We have a need for a relatively painless anti-spam solution that would 
reduce the amount of incoming spam (via postfix mail router). The 
problem is that i have little knowledge on what this actually means. 
Googling reveals a whole "universe" of interesting ways but what should 
i pursue?
The things that are important to me is:

* Once it is setup then it would require no additional maintenance.
* Potential spam messages are marked with a special header that can be 
filtered on user discretion on their local mail client software.

Neither performance, scalability, license nor cost is of much importance 
to me at this point.

Any hints?

Sten Daniel Soersdal

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